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No sooner do we walk into Wen-chih WANG’s works, we can feel the mountains and the forests, gradually we recollect our hearts.


We walk into WANG’s works as if we enter the forests. There are noises of us stepping on the bamboo shards and the leaves. There are insects and birds singing around us.


Though sharing the space with unacquainted people, a natural harmony is in the air.


Knowing I am not alone, I feel there is a kind of solitary serenity with the presence of being surrounded by the tender synergy.


I feel more than happy when somebody is with me in the space as if “sharing with others” is the key to joyful contentment.
As my memory reveals to me, I lay down in WANG’s work with my bare feet, looked up at the sky, beheld the interwoven bamboos growing daringly in the wind.
The bamboos in the blue sky. They swang and they rested. I could feel the winds kissed my skin because when they blew through the interstices of bamboo pieces, whirling inside the bamboo temple. The winds caressed my heart gently time after time.
Quietly I lay down and looked up…

 I assumed this is how we breathe with the Earth.
國際地景藝術家 王文志 以竹或藤創作,編織出一個大自然密室聖殿,已然走過 34 個年頭,帶著台灣的竹子走向世界,每一次都與台灣的核心團隊(臺灣嘉義的老工藝師傅們),以及熱情可愛的國際志工們,一次次地完成藝術之作。

Internationally acclaimed landscape artist Wen-chih WANG works with bamboo and rattan to invent sanctuaries in Nature. With over 34 years of experience, he presents Taiwanese bamboo to the world, collaborates with his core team of senior artisans from Chaiyi in Taiwan and enthusiastic volunteers in different countries, accomplishes the artworks over time.


His landscape artworks always subtly reflect “the affection for mountains and forests.”


When we are in his works, we can all feel the unique joy, beauty, alleviation, and relaxation from Nature.

也帶我們回到 ─── 那心裡的家。

He is like a bridge,
Leads us back to our roots,
Our home in Nature,
And home in our hearts.
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生涯 1988 年 - 迄今

Artist Wen-Chih Wang • Career 1988 — Present

從 1988 年的第一件作品《自然的控訴》出發,那時的王文志,帶著對山林的不捨,作品表現的是對人類殘害大自然的不解與控訴。接著,他開始了自己「尋覓創作語彙」的 10 年,於此期間,也一次又一次地確定了自己與山林、大自然,深刻的愛與連結。

From his first creation Appeal of Nature in 1988, Wen-chih WANG’s works, out of his compassion toward mountains and forests, contain his disappointment and indignation of how human beings destroy the Nature. Then he sets on his journey for 10 years to search for his own language as an artist. During this time, he reassures himself of the deepest love and connection to mountains, forests, and Nature.

1999 年作品《九九連環》誕生,為王文志第一件個人大型竹編裝置作品; 2001 年起,王文志參與了義大利威尼斯雙年展,作品《方外》給出了「置身物內,心在方外」的寓意,意在喚醒人們心中對大自然的深刻嚮往。

In 1999, the work, Memory Tie, was labeled as Wen-chih WANG’s first large solo bamboo weaving installation art. Since 2001, Wen-chih WANG has participated in the Venice Biennale in Italy. His work, Beyond the Site, connotates the meaning of “physically within the objects; spiritually beyond the site,” and tries to awaken the deepest longing for Nature in the bottom of our hearts. 

2003 年至 2007 年,王文志的作品陸續於台灣台北、嘉義、金門等地逐步開花,包括作品《甬道》、《網》、《龍藤虎穴》、《天幕》、《森林高塔》…。

From 2003 to 2007, WANG’s works blossom in Taipei, Chiayi, Kinmen, and other places in Taiwan, including his works Path, Netting, Dragon Dares Tiger Lair, Sky, and Tower of Forest……
2016  sky 情天幕 07.jpeg

By this time, his attitude has transformed from resentful appeals in his youth to benevolence and compassion for creating spiritual sanctuaries. His works connect people, embrace every individual soul, and welcome them back to the Nature.

2010 年至 2020 年,王文志走向國際,把他所愛的山林分享給這個世界。

From 2010 to 2020, Wen-chih WANG introduces himself to the international stage, sharing his love for mountains and forests to the world.

2010 年王文志首次與日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭合作,開啟他與瀨戶內的 12 年情份,陸續創作了 2010 年的《小豆島之家》、2013 年《小豆島之光》、2016 年《橄欖織夢》、2019 年《小豆島之戀》,直至 2022 年日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭作品《歸靈》。每一次的作品也都藏著感動人心的故事。

In 2010, WANG collaborated with Setouchi Triennale in Japan for the first time. This collaboration furthers a 12-years friendship for WANG to create House of Shodoshima in 2010, Light of Shodoshima in 2013, Dream of Olive in 2016, Love in Shodoshima in 2019, and Zero in 2022. Every creation has its moving stories and thinking behind it. 
2010 House of Shodoshima 小豆島之家 04.jpeg
往後,王文志也與日本水土藝術祭多次合作,包括 2009 年作品《在水一方》、2012 年《浴火鳳凰》、2015 年《新潟織夢》。

Later, Wen-chih WANG collaborated with Japan Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival several times, including Beyond the Water in 2009, Phoenix from the Flames in 2012, and Dream of Niigata in 2015. 

2013 年於奧地利創作,王文志將其代表大自然的作品《竹塔》,創作佇立於奧地利的林茲市中,在繁忙的城市夜色裡,閃閃發光。

Created in Austria in 2013, WANG sets his work Bamboo Cupula in Linz that shimmers in the hustle and bustle at night.

同時,他也與澳洲牽起了一份美好的緣分,在澳洲伍德福音樂祭 Woodford Folk Festival,連續創作 2013 年作品《編織天幕》、2014 年《浮雲》與 2016 年的《樹屋夢》。

At the same time, he engaged in a beautiful dialogue with Australian creates at the Woodford Folk Festival, including Woven Sky in 2013, Woven Cloud in 2014, and Quandong Dream in 2016. 
2013 Bamboo Cupula 竹塔 06.jpeg
在經歷了新冠疫情的三年沈寂後, 2022 年王文志創作了作品《歸靈》,於 2022 年日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭展出,帶著一份「回歸原點」及「回歸心靈」的真誠心念,承接著眾人祈願的力量,祝福全世界迎向一個明亮的生命境地!

After three years of silence during the pandemic, Wen-chih WANG created the work Zero for Setouchi Triennale in Japan in 2022. He upholds the sincere faith of “returning to the origin” and “returning to the spirit.” With people’s prayers, he wishes the world a brighter and better life. 
2009 Beyond the Water 在水一方 02.jpeg

Podcast 專輯

Podcast “Immersing into the Bamboo Forest”

記敘從 1988 年起,直至 2024 年,三十四個年頭,走過 10 個國家的地景藝術作品,《一根竹子的旅行》由國際藝術家 王文志,與妻子兼藝術總監 蔡美文共同錄製,記錄著多年來的人生經歷。

Retelling Wen-chih WANG’s life from 1988 to 2024 and his landscape installation artworks in more than 10 countries over the past 34 years. “Immersing into the Bamboo Forest” is recorded by the artist and his wife, TSAI Mei-wen, also the artistic director.

“ 無論展期是長是短,無論媒材是否經久耐用,在他眼中,作品如同生命,只活一次,而在永恆面前,一切生命都是有限的。



─ Philippe Coubetergues,巴黎藝評人暨策展人

|王文志 • 重要作品年表|
2022《CampBoo 竹夢。築夢》,花蓮鳳林,臺灣
2016《樹屋夢》,伍德福藝術節 Woodford Folk Festival,澳洲
2014《浮雲》,伍德福藝術節 Woodford Folk Festival,澳洲
2013《編織天幕》,伍德福藝術節 Woodford Folk Festival ,澳洲
2007 《破繭》,布拉格劇場設計四年展台灣館,布拉格,捷克
1988 《自然的控訴》,台北市立美術館,台北,臺灣

|Wen-Chih Wang • Chronology of Important Works|
Beyond the Site, Chiang Rai International Art Museum, Thailand Biennale, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2023. 
Zero, Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan. 
CampBoo – Bamboo Dream, Hualien, Taiwan, 2022.
Love in Shodoshima, Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan, 2019.
Sea Goddess, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Pingtung, Taiwan, 2019.
Dream of Olive, Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan, 2016.
Quandong Dream, Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Australia, 2016.
Dream of Niigata, Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival, Niigata, Japan, 2015.
Woven Cloud, Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Australia, 2014.
Light of Shodoshima, Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan, 2013.
Woven Sky, Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Australia, 2013.
Bamboo Cupula, OK Center for Contemporary Art, The Art of Towers, Linz, Austria, 2013.
Song of the Forest, Ali Mountain Forest Village, Chiayi, Taiwan, 2012.
Rippling Moonlit Talk, Lantan Scenic Area, Chiayi, Taiwan, 2012.
Phoenix from the Flames, Water and Land - Niigata Art Festival, Niigata, Japan, 2012.
House of Shodoshima, Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan, 2010.
Tower of Light, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Chiayi, Taiwan, 2019.
Beyond the Water, Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival, Niigata, Japan, 2015.
On the Go, Industrial Palace, Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007.
Beyond the Site, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 2001.
Appeal of Nature, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Contemporary Art Trends of the Republic of China, Taipei, Taiwan, 1988.
  1. 專文《一根竹子走天涯!國際藝術家王文志,為我帶來的 3 項生命啟發》
  2. Podcast 專輯 《一根竹子的旅行》:記敘 34 個年頭,國際經典作品回顧
  3. 一条Yit 《藝術家王文志:造房子就是為了能和你安心地睡在裡面》
  4. 紀錄片《 山靈 Mountain Spirits 》
    ─── 導演 陳芯宜 Singing Chen / 江國梁 Chiang Kuo-Liang
|Further Reports|
  1. Article, “A Bamboo Goes to the End of the World! International Artist Wen-chih WANG and the Three Inspirations he Brought to me.”
  2. Podcast, “Immersing into the Bamboo Forest.”
  3. YouTube, Yit “Artist Wen-chih, WANG: The Purpose of Building a House is to Sleep in it with you Peacefully.”
  4. Documentary, Mountain Spirits. Directors, Singing Chen and CHIANG Kuo-liang.

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