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Artists-co is not only shares how to live like an artist through self-media branding, but also invites participants to create an immersive energy experience with spirituality workers and contemporary artists!

藝術家製造公司不只透過聲音與自媒體創作分享藝術家思維。2023 年開始,Keno 也將邀請身心靈產業與當代藝術家


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​Our project design is a piece of interdisciplinary art that creates an “immersive experience” packaged as a product/service for everyone who wants to join  in different needs. 


Keno Tung

Keno Tung

Director of Scene


Dulce Lamarica

Cooperate Visual Artist


Jay Elizondon

Cooperate Visual Artist


Daniva Hsu

Cooperate Visual Artist


Movie Life Show

This project would take movie making and inject it into reality, creating different roles and story settings—for example chairmen, Indian housewives, beggars, and animals—building a small scale environment, finding appropriate actors working with me to play out fixed 10-minute plots which people would be invited into to play out stories. From there, with no direction, the person in question would use their own personality to fill their new role; then, through stepping out of their character and becoming a simple observer, they can see how their values differ as they play out different roles...

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In the moment of performing work, we express the art of existence. The design takes a small shipping container and converts it into a studio for work, a studio which also serves as the performance space. The happenings inside it will be filmed and simulcast both in exhibition spaces and on social media. In addition, the studio can be themed for different performance content and set up in different natural environments.

According to the Maerda Natural Treatment method, like crystals and minerals, each kind of natural scene and geographical form has its own particular energetic resonance with human beings...


New York, NY, United State

Thursday, January 12 – Monday, January 30, 2023

Reception: Thursday, January 12, 6:00 - 8:00pm


New York, NY, United State

April 1 - April 10, 2019

Taipei, Taiwan

October 10 - October 24, 2020

Videos, Sounds

New York, NY, United State

June 12 - June 20, 2019

Reception: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Taipei, Taiwan

September, 2017

2023, New York, United States

Through installation, film, sculpture, painting and digital performance, “Dread/Dream” explores the existential condition that forms in the wake of catastrophic events, a mixture of fear and hope to which the best response may be the imaginative power with which artists process loss and forge ways forward. The artworks in this exhibition ask viewers to consider themes of home and identity, methods of memorializing, effects of environmental disaster, feminist critiques, working with the scars of trauma, the effects of capitalism and corporate manipulation on daily life, and how to remain present through observation and the shaping of physical and digital spaces.

Dread_Dream Promo.jpg

Instant Cinema
2023, New York, United States

Keno Tung’s Instant Cinema series is composed of framed NYC street scenes collaged with sounds of stunted daily communications creating micro-narrative films; using curiosity, humor and technology.


INSTANT CINEMA is a series of one-minute videos fantasizing my experiences on the streets of New York as scenes in a movie.
In order to better distinguish between "active" and "passive," watching, I try to control what I watch. Starting from the same street that I pass by every day, I deliberately ask myself to notice the smoke emerging from a manhole cover or to listen to the homeless man on the street corner who is constantly shaking a bucket full of loose change and asking passersby for money.


I fantasize about these scenes in the 16:9 ratio frame from film and place that frame in these spaces around New York. The 16:9 frame is represented by bright red tape physically placed over a phone booth, a bench in a subway station, the ground at a park, etc. I create a new fantasized scene within the red frame that exists inside the larger reality-based frame.

Self Meditation
2019, New York, United States

According to the Maerda Natural Treatment method, like crystals and minerals, each kind of natural scene and geographical form has its particular energetic resonance with human beings. Through meditation, entering the core of being, the energy gains nature's power. With relaxation, new directions will present themselves. 

The installation comprises imagination of sounds of FIRE,  WATERFALL, WIND represented...


City Gallery
2020, Taipei, Taiwan

Eden Foundation, Wanfang Energizing Center and Xinchuangke cooperated for the first time, The purpose of the event is to create an urban art gallery - a trip to the heart, hoping to let art play the power of "social innovation service", At the same time, cross-border art creators and people with disabilities are invited to integrate and co-create, Looking forward to the development of diversified integration, innovative design and services, It also allows the talents and efforts of people with disabilities to be seen in the daily life of the city, and at the same time helps them live independently.


Artist Keno Tung turns the inner world of a physically handicapped painter into an engaging tunnel entrance by constructing an installation. Turning each painter's senses into a curtain that divides in two, walking through the tunnel symbolizes opening up their inner voices and entering the on-site gallery.


2019, New York, United States

Everything around us is made up of energy composed of vibrations, frequencies, and emotions. UNDERTONE connects the daily events of life through one's inner consciousness. The arrangement of the film is derived from the concept of ‘’Five Elements’’ emotional therapy of Chinese medicine, which points out that sadness will be overtaken by joy; joy will be overtaken by fear; the fear will be overtaken by melancholy; melancholy will be overtaken by anger. They are portrayed as abstract characters using various sounds, instruments and neutral, inverted colors to foster self-reflection and inspiration...


Song About One
2017, Taipei, Taiwan

This piece brings together various approaches to mindfulness and meditation with treatment methods connected to the energy of the natural environment (Maerda Natural Treatment), attempting to introduce the meditation with which I am familiar to natural environments with different energies through practice and the recording thereof. To simulate a live exhibition, I presented it in a web-page format; the videos play simultaneously throughout the page and on a loop, with the natural sounds from the environment mastered into a kind of song...


Different approaches to mindfulness meditation each have their own most appropriate times and their own different effects. I chose to use different approaches in different environments as felt most suited to the atmosphere of the time, including traditional zazen, standing barefoot to connect with the environment, meditating with music, and walking at 50% of the usual speed. Each of these aimed to connect with the particular energetic messages communicated by the natural environment, enabling the energy of truth to interact with my meditation.

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